Foaming Cleanser

Wash away dirt, oil and impurities with the-all natural foaming cleanser. Formulated with green tea, aloe vera and Vitamin E to rejuvenate the skin, leaving…

Double C Brightening Serum

Your skin looks brighter with the vitamin-packed formula that reduces the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps even skin tone, brightens…

Anti-Aging Serum

Look your best with Lord  & Lily’s most popular product. Essential nutrients hydrate, tighten, brighten and heal. Packed with multiple vitamins, COQ 10, Omega 3…

The Balancing Lotion

With natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, rosehips and green tea matcha, this hydrating formula helps balance combination, oil and…

Thirst Quenching Lotion

This long-lasting moisturizing lotion is essential for combination, dry and eczema-prone skin. Made with eight different plant-based oils, Vitamins C and E and essential oils,…

The Revival Cream

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the all-natural, nutrient-packed Revival Cream. Formulated especially for normal to oily and acne prone…

The Radiance Cream

Recommended for dry skin, this all-natural cream seals in moisture and enhances the action of the Anti-Aging Serum and Thirst Quenching lotion. It mobilizes and…

The Eye Cream

Packed with more than 40% of active ingredients like Vitamin C, Collagen and Aloe Vera, the Eye Cream helps reduce wrinkles and restore the elasticity…

SPF 25 Anti-Aging BB Cream

This nutrient-packed beauty balm (BB) provides a natural, lightweight coverage with sun protection. In Pear Light shade for all skin tones,  the cream hydrates, smooths…

Morning Dew Hydrating Spray

The Morning Dew Hyaluronic Spray will keep your skin (face, neck, arms & any exposed skin) hydrated. When staying in an air conditioned room in…

BB Cream with Lord & Lily Brush

The perfect finish. Get it with Lord & Lily's SPF25 BB Cream and Imported European brush. The smooth brush application of the pear toned cream…

Lord & Lily Luxurious Brush

The patented fiber in this brush makes for smooth application of Lord & Lily’s BB cream. No stray fibers dislodging on this one; it keep…

Lord & Lily Travel Kit

Get your Lord & Lily essentials to go, with the new Travel Kit. Sample sizes of the Anti-Aging Serum, Double C Brightening Serum and the…

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What Our Clients Say

I had terrible sunburn on my shoulders and they were peeling like crazy. I applied the Radiance Cream on it and overnight my shoulders looked 10000 times better! It’s like Magic!
After using Lord & Lily Serum, I felt that my face is tighter and smoother. Even my husband commented that my face is glowing in the morning!
I tried so many things to get rid of my acne but they never seemed to work and they dried my skin out so much. Turns out the Balancing Lotion was exactly what I needed!
Luxurious feel, fantastic results, easy to fit in your day, and so organic it’s edible!.   People say I am looking younger and I’ve attained healthy and vital skin in just minutes per day.   You can’t buy better.    It’s a win, win, win ….WIN!
The Lord & Lily radiance cream is a staple in my daily skin care routine. I feel like it blends in the skin without leaving any residue and adds a layer of shine that is subtle and natural looking.
Dane Smith
Dr. Grace Yu
Brian Borneman
Betsy Wetzig
Jon Moore
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