Collection: Age 40 to 55

For ages 40 to 55, customize your routine: consider 1. Stem Cell Trio Serum, 2. Double C Brightening Serum at night and 3. Anti-aging Serum in the morning. Follow with 4. Eye Cream, 5. Lotion (Thirst-Quenching Lotion or Balancing Lotion, and 6. Cream (Radiance Cream or Revival Cream) in the morning & evening—or use lotion in the morning and cream at night. Wrap up your daytime routine with our 7. SPF50 Anti-aging BB cream or SPF40 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for daily protection.


  1. Double Cleansing Bundle;
  2. Stem Cell Trio Serum;
  3. Complete Radiance Set or Complete Revival Set;
  4. BB Cream