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Deep Cleansing Bundle (Double Cleansing)

Deep Cleansing Bundle (Double Cleansing)

Melt & Clean Oil Cleanser; Natural Foaming Cleanser

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Description: — For all skin type — Here’s what you’ll get in the Double Cleansing Kit: Melt & Clean Cleansing Oil (50 ml) Foaming Cleanser (75 ml) One of the most important bedtime routines for beautiful skin is double cleansing. It is important to use the best, most gentle cleansing products to avoid over washing and drying out your skin. Melt & Clean cleansing oil contains multiple plant oils and matcha powder that together break down makeup, remove dirt and excessive oil.  Follow Melt & Clean with Lord & Lily’s special formulated foaming cleanser. The Foaming Cleanser contains natural plant liquid soap, natural algae extract, vitamins B&E, jojoba oil, castor oil, and argan oil. It never strips the skin’s luster and can gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin. The result is delicate, smooth, and beautiful skin. 


Universal Suitability: Suitable for all skin types, catering to diverse skincare needs.

Dual-Action Cleansing: Melt & Clean Cleansing Oil and Foaming Cleanser for effective makeup, dirt, and oil removal.

Gentle Makeup Removal: Melt & Clean Cleansing Oil's plant-based formula prevents over-washing and skin dryness during makeup removal.

Nourishing Ingredients: Foaming Cleanser enriched with natural elements like plant liquid soap, algae extract, and essential oils for skin nourishment.

Balanced pH Levels: Both cleansers maintain a pH close to the skin's 5.2, promoting skin balance and preventing irritation.

Preserves Skin Luster: Specially formulated Foaming Cleanser preserves the skin's natural luster, leaving it delicate, smooth, and beautiful.

How to Use

To remove eye makeup, apply a couple of drops of Melt and Clean Cleansing Oil to a cotton ball. Then, dispense a couple of drops of Melt and Clean Cleansing Oil onto your palm, applying it thoroughly over your face and neck. Pat lukewarm water onto your face; the Melt & Clean Cleansing Oil will transform into a milky consistency. Rinse off thoroughly. Next, use the water-based Natural Foaming Cleanser. Dispense 1 or 2 pumps onto your palm, apply it all over your face and neck, gently massage, and rinse off until completely clean. Revel in the experience of a smooth and glowing complexion.

Complete Ingredients

Please refer to the Complete Ingredients under Melt & Clean Cleansing Oil & Foaming Cleanser

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