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Bright & Young Essential

Bright & Young Essential

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Introducing the Bright & Young Essential Set, a dynamic duo designed to elevate your skincare routine and unveil the radiant, youthful complexion you deserve. This set features two powerhouse products, each contributing to a comprehensive approach to skincare.

Double C Brightening Serum: Experience the epitome of skin transformation with our Double C Brightening Serum. Meticulously crafted with a potent fusion of over 20 robust antioxidants, including resveratrol, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, ferulic acid, and essential Retinol and B complex vitamins, this serum creates a formidable shield against harmful free radicals. This masterstroke in skincare not only reduces fine lines and wrinkles but also revives skin tone and texture.

Our serum is the pinnacle of antioxidant-rich skincare, chosen with precision for unparalleled effectiveness. Watch as dark spots visibly fade, leaving your skin aglow with newfound clarity and vitality. The Double C Brightening Serum propels your journey to rejuvenated, youthful skin, making it an essential step in your daily skincare regimen.

Anti-Aging Serum: Paired with the Double C Brightening Serum in the Bright & Young Essential Set is our Anti-Aging Serum. This formulation complements the antioxidant-rich qualities of the Double C serum by providing complete nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy skin. The Anti-Aging Serum is a harmonious blend of essential elements that support skin health and vitality.

Together, the Double C Brightening Serum and Anti-Aging Serum form a dynamic synergy, addressing both the external threats of free radicals and internal nutritional needs. This comprehensive approach ensures your skin receives the utmost care, promoting a radiant, youthful glow.

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with the Bright & Young Essential Set, where science meets luxury for a transformative skincare experience.


Comprehensive Skincare: Duo of Double C Brightening Serum and Anti-Aging Serum for a holistic approach.

Skin Transformation: Potent fusion of 20+ antioxidants in Double C Serum reduces lines, wrinkles, and enhances skin texture.

Antioxidant Shield: Double C Serum creates a powerful defense against free radicals for radiant skin.

Dark Spot Reduction: Fades dark spots, leaving skin with newfound clarity and vitality.

Unparalleled Effectiveness: Meticulously chosen ingredients ensure maximum benefits in daily skincare.

Nutrient-Rich Support: Anti-Aging Serum complements Double C Serum with complete nutrients for healthy skin.

Synergistic Action: Both serums work together to address external threats and internal needs for comprehensive skincare.

Youthful Glow: Comprehensive care promotes a radiant and youthful complexion.

Luxurious Transformative Experience: Elevate your routine with a blend of science and luxury for ageless beauty.

How to Use


Start with a clean face for optimal product absorption.

Double C Brightening Serum:

Dispense a small amount onto your palm, applying evenly over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage in upward and outward motions until fully absorbed. Use in both morning and evening skincare routines.

Anti-Aging Serum:

After applying Double C Brightening Serum, apply a small amount evenly over your face and neck. Gently massage into your skin using upward motions. Allow full absorption before applying additional products.

For new users, start with a small amount for both serums to gauge skin sensitivity.

Adjustment Period:

If experiencing tingling or redness, it is normal during the adjustment period. If persistent, reduce frequency or pause briefly for a couple of days. Gradually reintroduce the serums, potentially every other day until skin adjusts.

Customized Routine:

For a single serum per application: Use Double C Brightening Serum in the evening and Anti-Aging Serum in the morning. This tailored approach seamlessly integrates into your skincare regimen.

To enhance results, follow with Lord & Lily Thirst-Quenching Lotion or Balancing Lotion. Complete your beauty ritual before bed with Radiance Cream and Revival Cream for a radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

Complete Ingredients

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