Under the Sun: How to Combat Fine Lines, Dark Spots, and Dry Skin?

A Friend's Skin Care Dilemma and My Expert Advice

Today, I received an inquiry from a dear friend that I believe resonates with many of us. Taking care of our skin becomes increasingly challenging after 60. So, I decided to share her question and my response here for everyone's benefit.


My Friend's Query:

"Today, the sun was shining brightly, and I went for an afternoon walk. By 6 PM, when I looked at the photos, I realized my face was covered with dry patches, fine lines, and dark spots. I am currently using the Lord & Lily Stem Cell Trio Serum, Anti-Aging Serum, Double C Brightening Serum, Eye Cream, Radiance Cream, and Sunscreen Cream. Can you suggest anything else to combat my rough        , dark and wrinkled, dry skin? Thank you."


My Response:

Firstly, aging naturally makes our skin prone to dryness, and exposure to the sun exacerbates the formation of dark spots and fine lines. Therefore, consistent hydration is crucial. Additionally, peptides that promote collagen production are vital for maintaining skin elasticity and repair. Stem cells are particularly effective in penetrating deeply to repair damaged skin.


You are on the right track—by using the Lord & Lily Stem Cell Trio Serum and Double C Brightening Serum, along with eye cream and moisturizer, you are effectively repairing and restoring your skin from the damage caused by UV exposure and free radicals during the day. However, to further enhance your skincare routine and maintain skin firmness while reducing wrinkles, nighttime care is essential.


To further enhance your routine, especially for those over 60, I recently developed the Lift & Firm Contour Cream, packed with antioxidants and peptide amino acids, which help make the skin smooth, plump, and firm. The Lift & Firm Contour Cream should be the final step in your nightly skincare regimen. Personally, I use the Lift & Firm Contour Cream as the last step in my skincare routine every night before I go to bed.


Additionally, for daytime hydration, you can use the Morning Dew Hydrating Spray. A friend who loves playing tennis carries a bottle with her and spritzes it on her face during breaks to keep her skin hydrated. This hydrating spray not only provides instant moisture but can also be used as a toner. If you prefer using a toner after washing your face, this spray is a perfect choice.

Caring for your skin is an ongoing process, especially after prolonged sun exposure, when targeted skincare products are essential to combat dryness, fine lines, and dark spots. I hope these suggestions are helpful to everyone, and let's all strive for healthy, beautiful skin together.

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