Thirst Quenching Lotion (dry skin)

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This long-lasting moisturizing lotion is essential for combination, dry and eczema-prone skin. Made with eight different plant-based oils, Vitamins C and E and essential oils, the Thirst Quenching Lotion helps hydrate and heal your skin, preserving its elasticity, brightness and moisture. Best when applied after the Anti-Aging Serum to hydrate and keep nutrients locked within. All of Lord & Lily’s products are natural, free from chemical additives and manufactured in the US.

Step 4 in the Lord & Lily Ritual
(For Step 3 see the Double CAnti-Aging Serum. For Step 5, see the Radiance and Revival Creams)

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For dry skin or cold & dry season

Strengthen and extend hydrating effect, remove wrinkles, neutralize skin tone and reduce inflammation.

Thirsty? Dry skin certainly is, which is why hydration is so very important. The Thirst Quenching Lotion provides all the moisture you need to keep skin from looking tired; from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.It’s vitamin and nutrient packed, even giving you back a bit of that elasticity you had just a couple of years back, when skin was maybe a bit more supple. Its anti-inflammation ingredients will be perfect for those who suffer from eczema too. Use it morning and night to keep that bright, youthful look in place.

Volume: 30ml

Additional information

Key Ingredients

a variety of natural vegetable oils rich in fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, a variety of vitamins, and natural plant extracts that promote moisturizing functions


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