Morning Dew Hydrating Spray

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The Morning Dew Hyaluronic Spray will keep your skin (face, neck, arms & any exposed skin) hydrated under drying conditions. Elements such as heat, office lighting and air conditioning can all dry skin. Morning Dew spray helps put some of that moisture back in. This 100% pure rose hydrosol with hyaluronic acid could also be used as toner that keep your skin’s pH balanced.  Small enough to toss in your makeup bag or purse (even your beach bag), keep it with you whenever you feel the need for a little extra hydration for face, arms and neck–or wherever moisture is needed.

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Nothing feels quite as good as a morning face—when you’ve first applied your skincare products and feel that moisturized, finished look. But now you can bring that feeling back anytime of the day with the Morning Dew Hydrating Spray. It’s natural oils make it smell great—light and airy. Give it a spritz on your face, neck or anywhere you feel the need for hydration. Under harsh lighting, outdoor in the sun, during the dryness of winter, it provides that hint of refreshment that skin loves. And its small size allows for easy travel. Toss it in your purse and you’re ready to take on the day.

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