Luxurious BB & Brush


— For all Skin tone and shade —

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Natural Mineral SPF 50++ Anti-aging BB Cream (1 wt. oz.)
  • Lord & Lily Luxurious Brush

Have you heard how the various brand-name sunscreens on the market damage marine life and vast coral reefs? They are also suspected to interfere with the endocrine system. Lord & Lily SPF 25 Anti-aging BB Cream is all natural so that you can use it with complete peace of mind. Not only does it have absolutely no side effects, but it can also strengthen your immune system!

Lord & Lily SPF25 Anti-aging BB Cream is made up of USP grade Zinc Oxide as the main ingredient for sunscreen, natural plant oils and nutrients that nurture your skin, plus natural mineral colors that blend in with your skin tone from fair to dark. BB Cream will make your skin glow and look and feel smooth and while protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

After many application tests, we’ve found that the best way to apply this sunscreen cream to achieve the best results is using the Lord & Lily Luxurious Brush.

This Luxurious Brush is specially made from a famous Italian factory with a long history and reputation for quality. This brush, which does not shed hair, has passed the allergy test, and is durable. For best results, apply BB Cream evenly.

How to use:

  • Apply sunscreen as the last step of the daytime skincare routine.
  • If exposed to sun, reapply every hour.
  • The brush can be washed with cold (or lukewarm) soapy water when needed.

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