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Efficacy: anti-acne, adjust skin pH, anti-inflammatory, scar reduction, whitening and translucent, smoothing, moisturizing

This serum is a must have if you are fighting acne, breakouts, and trying to reduce the scar of acne and breakouts.  This formula uses the most effective anti-acne ingredients, including vitamin A acid, niacinamide B3, B5, E, salicylic acid from willow bark, and a variety of natural enzymes and ceramide that promote skin moisturization, luster, and smoothness, as well as a variety of natural vegetable oil rich in linoleic acid.


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Key Ingredients

15% B3, natural salicylic acid extracted from white willow bark, ceramide, vitamins C, D, E, a variety of natural fruit acids rich in anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients, a variety of natural vegetable oils rich in fatty acids, ceramide, aloe vera, witch hazel and a variety of plant extracts.


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