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What is Lord & Lily?

Beautiful skin, the way nature intended. Lord & Lily sets the bar high for natural skincare products by using the finest ingredients available. Our products are formulated from pure natural ingredients and completely free from chemical additives. The result is an impressive skincare line that restores health and beauty to your skin, naturally.

Lily Yang, the founder of Lord & Lily, set out to find a pure all-natural skincare routine that would meet her high standards. When she could find nothing on the market that met her expectations, Lily decided to create a formula she could use on her own skin. By using the highest quality botanicals, oils, vitamins, and other natural ingredients, she developed the skincare line she had been looking for. Soon her friends and family were commenting on how radiant she looked and urged her to make her all-natural skincare products available to the world, and Lord & Lily was launched.

Lord & Lily reaches the highest standards because of Lily’s demand for purity and quality in every order she fills. Each product contains more natural and active ingredients than most of her competitors because she wants your skin to look and feel its best.

If you have been looking for the pathway to beautiful, natural, healthy skin, you have just found your new best friend: Lord & Lily!

TRANSPARENCY: All product information is clear and contained on our website. Whenever you need more information, we are always available to answer your questions.

Lily Yang


Lily is an acclaimed writer, speaker, mentor, and founder of various non-profit groups, and she is fluent in Taiwanese, Chinese, and English. She also has more than 30 years of professional experience in management roles and as an industrial engineer. Attention to detail and accuracy are part of who she is.

Through her experience in competitive industries, Lily developed a passion for advocating and providing resources to communities, enabling them to access a better quality of life. Her philanthropic efforts include founding organizations that provide education for underprivileged women and children, help for worldwide refugees, and work against human trafficking.

As a working mother on the go, it was hard for her to focus on her skincare routine. After a professional photo was taken, she noticed how dry, dull, and aged her skin looked and realized she needed help. After much research, she began experimenting with natural ingredients that would make her skin healthier and more vibrant.

Lily had confidence that her corporate problem-solving background could help her in product development. Her goal for Lord & Lily was to develop a product that contained only what the skin needed to be healthy, using plant-based materials. Of course, it had to be practical, easy to use, and perform quickly.

How did Lord & Lily Begin?

Lily: “As a working mother and an executive professional in a competitive industry, and my many passion projects, I felt like I was always on the go. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on my skincare.

“I have been blessed with great genetics and youthful skin, so I have never consciously focused my energy on skincare.  However, one day in 2011, I was shown an untouched version of my professional photo, and I was shocked by how dry, dull and aged I looked.  At that moment, I realize my skin was aging seriously and was clearly unhealthy.

“I started searching for the right products that worked for me and my hectic schedule. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was putting way too much effort into my skincare routines with very little return. That is when I began creating my own line of products.”

What type of products did you try?

Lily: “Due to years of neglect, I was faced with seriously malnourished skin. I invested a lot of time and money, researching many of the ‘leading’ skincare products on the market that were supposed to tackle my skin conditions. I tried it all: various kinds serums and lotions for various functions, vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acid serums, dark spot removing lotions, hydrating serums, vitamin E serums, retinol anti-aging, brightening serums, various essential oils, astringent serum, pore reducing cream, fine-line removing cream, various eye cream and more.”

How did you discover your product?

Lily: “Eventually, I found that not only did I spent a fortune on all these products, I also had such a complicated morning/evening routine that included anywhere from 7 to 10 different products to provide the “full treatment” I needed for my problematic skin. With only 15 minutes for my daily skincare and makeup routine, this was an extreme burden for my hectic schedule. It was even more troublesome during my travels.

At that point, I realized with my wealth of experience in problem-solving as well as working with medical and consumer products I could solve my own skin problems. I needed to understand what products or materials worked for specific problems. I did a lot of research to find all-natural ingredients that would truly help improve my skin condition and found ways to put them together. That was when I decided that Lord & Lily products would 1) contain only what the skin needs omitting the use of chemicals for smell, look, and feel; 2) use natural plant-based materials, no harsh chemicals at all; 3) be practical, easy to use, quick to perform as a daily routine, and work quickly. With this in mind, the Serum was born.”

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