Traditional vs. natural skincare

There’s no getting around sensitivity.

Not every synthetic ingredient is highly reactive on your skin; not every natural ingredient is sensitive to your skin.

So how do you decide whether a natural skincare regimen is worth your while?

Well, let’s look at your life philosophy. If you’re concerned about what you put in your body; ie, staying away from those ingredients you can barely pronounce, then you’re probably a good candidate for natural skincare.

Traditional skincare companies like to say that their ingredients are not harmful, but let’s take a look at that. In the amounts they’re using, perhaps that’s true. But even the use of ingredients like parabens (preservatives), can be an issue. What is absorbed into the cells? How does that affect your body over an extended period of time?

Certain European countries have actually banned parabens from their beauty products. Like food products, this does mean that natural products have a shorter shelf life and may tend to separate due to lack of stabilizers, but it means that you’re getting botanicals, vitamins, oils that are not harmful to the body.

It’s best to test a product to see how it reacts to your own skin. Lord & Lily’s natural skincare has a line of products that are generally, very gentle on the skin. And if you do have the sensitivity to Vitamin C, which some people do, there are even products for that.

The product line came about by owner, Lily Yang’s desire to find something natural that would make her skin look and feel more vibrant With a background in engineering, she spent years formulating products that work well for the majority of skin types. Using her own line of products, she began getting compliments on how nice her skin looked and has been using it ever since.

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