Bundled beauty savings

It’s Christmas. You’ve got the buying list. But the gift ideas? Maybe not so much.

For the women on your list, have you considered a beauty bundle?

A beauty bundle offers discount savings on several items that are ‘bundled’ together to give you a sampling of products. It’s a great way for someone to try new products; some new brands. Maybe even a gift for yourself.

Manufacturers are willing to forgo a bit of profit for a bit of variety. They’re hoping that once you try, you’ll continue to buy. Especially with premium brands, it’s a great way to try out some new skin care at a fraction of the normal price.

I like Lord & Lily’s Serum & Cream Bundle. It’s a great choice for those over 40, who want to keep their skin soft and supple. The Anti-Aging Serum contains more than double the amount of nutrients in other comparable serums, while offering the all-natural benefits that only some skin care lines can boast.  It absorbs quickly and seems to shrink the appearance of my pores, while leaving a healthy glow.

The Radiance Cream feels so luxurious, and is a nice, medium-weight moisturizer than seals in moisture and leaves your skin feeling oh so soft and protected. Next, I’m trying their Double C Serum. Many women swear by the benefits that Vitamin C has on the skin.

I’ve watched several of the top beauty bloggers online, and Vitamin C brightens, lightens and smooth’s – and at 60, the need for something that reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines is just what the doctor (or dermatologist) ordered.

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