June is national acne awareness month

It can be one of the most embarrassing medical conditions — acne. Yet millions of Americans suffer from it, which is why June has been designated as National Acne Awareness Month.

Oil is formed in the glands that are connected to pores via hair follicles. Instead of getting sloughed away, pores can get clogged, and a clogged pore can form a pimple. There is debate over what causes it, but most factors lead to diet, stress, environment and hormones.

To limit breakouts, there are a variety of things you can do. Watch sugars and white flour products. Learn some stress-busting activities and coping methods, don’t overexpose yourself to the sun and use products that can work actively to help reduce breakouts.

Free from additional oil and irritating ingredients, Lord & Lily has a couple of products that work well for acne-prone skin. One is their Balancing Lotion, which hydrates and calms inflammation. With ingredients like Shea Butter, rosehips and green tea matcha, it contains more than three times the amount of nutrients than other natural brands.

Another is The Revival Cream. Formulated especially for normal to oily and acne-prone skin, it soothes and restores, detoxifies while replenishing moisture. Harsh acne-fighting products can sometimes over-dry the skin, making it flaky and irritated. So it is important to use a product that can replenish moisture as well as keep the pores free of sebum.

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